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Prepare to Read! Dark Souls: Design Works Is Coming

Dark Souls was an often dark game set in a beautiful and eerie world. Udon has announced they will be publishing a collection of concept art, character and weapon studies, sketches, and monster design. Dark Souls: Design Works ...


Review – MadCatz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 FightStick Tournament Edition S (Wii U)

If you're a Wii-U fighting game fan and want to be able to have your moves come out precisely and accurately for hundreds or thousands of hours of use, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this stick.

Dark Souls II Announced – Prepare to Die in 2013

At the 2012 VGAs, Namco-Bandai gave us the first announcement trailer for Dark Souls II. While I personally would have preferred a third unique entry in the Souls series, this appears to be a direct sequel (or perhaps, prequel...