Kotobukiya Reveals Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke ArtFX Figure

Dead Space 3 is around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than with some new looks at Kotobukiya’s Isaac Clarke ArtFX figure? Measuring 12.5″ (1/6 scale), Isaac comes equipped with his cold-weather RIG (Res...


Review – The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is a hardcover tribute to one of the most beloved video game characters ever. Covering the expansive history of games, characters, spin-offs, and even a few Sonic cameos, this serves as an ency...


MadCatz Announces GameSmart Line of Mobile Products

MadCatz announced today at CES 2013 their plans to release a line of products to be universally compatible across Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices. They’re also looking ahead to SmartTV compatibility via Bluetooth or via...


SteelSeries Apex / Apex [RAW] Are The World’s Fastest Gaming Keyboards

It’s CES time, so you know everyone is bringing their brightest and best gadgets to the showroom. The SteelSeries Apex keyboard, announced today, has raised the bar to a staggering new level. A few of the features this li...


Review – MadCatz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 FightStick Tournament Edition S (Wii U)

If you're a Wii-U fighting game fan and want to be able to have your moves come out precisely and accurately for hundreds or thousands of hours of use, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this stick.


Debut Trailer For Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns

A trailer has been leaked for the upcoming entry in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns. This greatly pleases me, being the sole fan of the Final Fantasy XIII series. In this installment, it app...


NECA Aliens Figures Are Coming. Game Over, Man! Game Over!

One thing I’ve always wanted on my shelf is a sweaty, terrified Hudson figure. Clearly NECA was listening, because their new line of Aliens figures includes 7″ Hudson and Hicks figures. Each features 30 points of a...


Revoltech Kinnikuman Figures Will Wrestle Your Cash Away

Revoltech has announced their Kinnikuman line of figures, and they are absolutely fantastic for staging your favorite grappling and wrestling moves. They’re up for pre-order at any of your favorite Japanese import stores ...


Design Your Backpack Pixel By Pixel

Are you a hipster? Are you one who pines for the 8-bit days of yore? ThinkGeek has a backpack for you! For a paltry $79, you can have your own Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack, giving you the freedom to create pastel pixel art for all...

I've seen the future - and it will be

All Your Patents Are Belong To IBM

IBM has predicted your life in five years – well, if your life centers around your smartphone – which is to say, IBM has predicted my life. In doing so, I’m guessing they have snapped up every conceivable pa...

guess who's in charge here..

This Full Scale Terminator Is My New “First Thing”

Ok, giving to needy family members has been unceremoniously kicked to the curb as  the very first thing I will do when I win the lottery. Sideshow Collectibles, makers of blackhearted Ringwraiths, has crafted a life-size Termi...


Redbox Instant Is About To Put The Screws To Netflix

While Blockbuster is floundering and Netflix is still trying to recover from their fanbase demolishing PR fiasco, a new challenger has appeared! Redbox Instant will be launched in January and offer unlimited streaming and four...


The Puzzling Follow-Up To Cut The Rope Is Pudding Monsters

On December 20th, developer ZeptoLab will release their follow-up to the hit game Cut the Rope with an all new puzzle game titled Pudding Monsters. Considering their knack for cutesy design and addicting gameplay, it appears ...

until the next film

Why Does Anyone Buy Boxed Bond?

I have never understood it. Beautifully boxed set of every Bond ever made. Right up until the next movie comes out… Why do people bother? Are there guys with Bond 25 and then 10 dvd cases sitting next to it on their shelv...

the grail diary rediscovered!

If Only I Could Squander My Cash On The Grail Diary

Fox News reports that an enterprising individual, likely a campus student, reconstructed the grail diary from The Last Crusade and cleverly mailed it to University Admissions (where it’s sure to fall immediately into Nazi...