Funko Disney Mystery Minis Are Dangerously Collectible

Posted January 18, 2013 by Eric Hawkins in Toys

Funko usually fails to impress the collector in me being that most of their wares are extremely similar to each other and lacking any soul. They may have turned a corner with the upcoming line of Disney Mystery Minis. Luckily I’m not a Disney collector because these little bastards would look nice in a display case. With the depth of characters in Disney’s roster, Funko is definitely in it for the long con. The disappointing aspect to the set is the insane rarity of the rares (1/144) and the fact that there are three variations of each character. With odds like that, your blind box frustration is sure to soar.

The first set of these 2.5″ Mystery Minis is set for release in February and priced at $5.95.