HP Pocket Playlist Lets You Watch Netflix and Hulu Offline And On The Go

Posted January 18, 2013 by Eric Hawkins in Gadgets

HP recently announced the Pocket Playlist, a mobile streaming device that can download and share Netflix and Hulu movies with up to five devices at once. The Pocket Playlist can hold up to 16 movies or approximately 7600 songs, and can stream movies, TV shows, music, or slideshows to mobile handsets over wi-fi. A subscription to PlayLater, the app that allows for recording of streaming content from Hulu and Netflix, is required for that feature of the Pocket Playlist, but at the cost of $29.99 per year, it may be worth it to keep the kids at bay.

The HP Pocket Playlist and a small list of accessories are set to hit stores February 15th. The device will set you back $129 and comes with a free month of PlayLater.