SteelSeries Apex / Apex [RAW] Are The World’s Fastest Gaming Keyboards

Posted January 7, 2013 by Eric Hawkins in Gadgets

It’s CES time, so you know everyone is bringing their brightest and best gadgets to the showroom. The SteelSeries Apex keyboard, announced today, has raised the bar to a staggering new level. A few of the features this little beauty is packing includ raised macro-keys in easy to access areas, insane anti-ghosting, enlarged space bar, up-left and up-right directional keys, Windows key quick-toggle, swappable feet for height and angle adjustment, and much more.

004-Apex_RAW-bigpicture 005-Apex_RAW-bigpicture

There are numerous regions assigned to the Apex keyboard allowing for virtually unlimited customization and configuration. Using the SteelSeries Engine, you can assign custom colors to each region on the keyboard for easy recognition and visibility in any light. The Apex supports 16.7 million colors per region across eight levels of illumination in five distinct zones.  To top it off, there are four layers per zone that can be configured, multiplying the level of customization even further. Of course, there are media keys and a 2-port USB hub built in as well so this truly is a universally useful tool for any level of keyboard user.

007-Apex_RAW-bigpicture 008-Apex_RAW-bigpicture

The Apex [RAW] is the lower-end model of the Apex line. Where the Apex features a full palette of colors to assign to keys, the Apex [RAW] utilizes white illumination with eight levels of intensity. You can program every key on the board, including the 17 raised macro-keys along the top and side area. That allows for  a level of customization few have ever expected from a value-priced keyboard. We’re very excited about this one because of the clean design and unbeatable price point.

01-Apex_RAW-bigpicture 02-Apex_RAW-bigpicture 08-Apex_RAW-bigpicture

The Apex is expected to retail for $99 and the Apex [RAW] should be available at $69, both hitting shelves in Q2 2013.