Revoltech Kinnikuman Figures Will Wrestle Your Cash Away

Posted December 18, 2012 by Eric Hawkins in Toys

Revoltech has announced their Kinnikuman line of figures, and they are absolutely fantastic for staging your favorite grappling and wrestling moves. They’re up for pre-order at any of your favorite Japanese import stores or websites and retail for around ¥3500 or a shade over $40. The downside is that while each kit comes with a character and an anonymous jobber head, as well as multiple sets of torsos, there is not quite enough to make two characters in one kit. If you want to have these guys to throw down, you’ll have to pick up two.

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FIG-IPN-5586_03 FIG-IPN-5586_08 FIG-IPN-5586_05
FIG-IPN-5586_07 FIG-IPN-5586_09 FIG-IPN-5586_06