Fix Your Peepers On This Adventure Time Intro – Lego Style!

The wonderful stop-motion studio, Screen Novelties, has put together an awesome treat for fans of Lego, stop motion, and Adventure Time. Featured as part of YouTube Geek Week, this animated tribute is a detailed and time-intens...


Prepare to Read! Dark Souls: Design Works Is Coming

Dark Souls was an often dark game set in a beautiful and eerie world. Udon has announced they will be publishing a collection of concept art, character and weapon studies, sketches, and monster design. Dark Souls: Design Works ...


Review – Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival

Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival takes you through an interactive tour of concept art, story boards, character and item models, and even marketing approaches for the well reviewed Tomb Raider reboot.


Reminder: Amazing Arizona Comic Con Is January 25-27

Just a friendly reminder that the Amazing Arizona Comic Con is next week. The con runs from January 25-27 and touts itself as “the first convention of the new year”. We’ll be there checking out the booths, g...


Review – The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is a hardcover tribute to one of the most beloved video game characters ever. Covering the expansive history of games, characters, spin-offs, and even a few Sonic cameos, this serves as an ency...

guess who's in charge here..

This Full Scale Terminator Is My New “First Thing”

Ok, giving to needy family members has been unceremoniously kicked to the curb as  the very first thing I will do when I win the lottery. Sideshow Collectibles, makers of blackhearted Ringwraiths, has crafted a life-size Termi...

the grail diary rediscovered!

If Only I Could Squander My Cash On The Grail Diary

Fox News reports that an enterprising individual, likely a campus student, reconstructed the grail diary from The Last Crusade and cleverly mailed it to University Admissions (where it’s sure to fall immediately into Nazi...


What Time Is It? 72Pins Adventure Time!

Apparently a popular request, 72Pins has announced the Adventure Time! cart in their NEStalgia line. Featuring the art of Gabriel Leoni and priced at $15, run over to the 72Pins store to pick this up today! 72Pins Store


Arrested Development NEStalgia Carts Are GOBlike

Anyone familiar with the NEStalgia carts from 72Pins knows they aren’t limited simply to games. Designed by artist Jesse Eisemann and featuring titles and cover art cleverly adapting classic Arrested Development themes in...


Amanda Visell Limited Wood and Resin Stagon Figure Available Now

Amanda Visell anounced her newest addition to the long-running Zoo Trip series. The Stagon, which is seemingly a stag + dragon, comes with a matching female rider, both colored in purple and aquamarine with matching antlers. Ha...