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All Your Patents Are Belong To IBM

IBM has predicted your life in five years – well, if your life centers around your smartphone – which is to say, IBM has predicted my life. In doing so, I’m guessing they have snapped up every conceivable pa...

This Full Scale Terminator Is My New “First Thing”

Ok, giving to needy family members has been unceremoniously kicked to the curb as  the very first thing I will do when I win the lottery. Sideshow Collectibles, makers of blackhearted Ringwraiths, has crafted a life-size Termi...

until the next film

Why Does Anyone Buy Boxed Bond?

I have never understood it. Beautifully boxed set of every Bond ever made. Right up until the next movie comes out… Why do people bother? Are there guys with Bond 25 and then 10 dvd cases sitting next to it on their shelv...

If Only I Could Squander My Cash On The Grail Diary

Fox News reports that an enterprising individual, likely a campus student, reconstructed the grail diary from The Last Crusade and cleverly mailed it to University Admissions (where it’s sure to fall immediately into Nazi...

I'll die if I have to wait five minutes to read!!

No Longer Will Gadgets Be Forced Into The Shadows (On Takeoff)!

CNN reports that the FCC has requested that the FAA start allowing electronics to be used during takeoff and landing, arguing, very perceptively, that (and I’m paraphrasing here) “they’re really rather useful!...


Review – Tritton 720+

The Tritton 720+ has incredible style, excellent build quality and powerful, rich, full sound. These headphones are, frankly, near-perfect, and at a price point that's lower than you might expect.


Review – SteelSeries WoW MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition

If you are a WoW fanatic, prefer the bigger mice that come with easy precision, and love customizing like I do, you will enjoy this mouse for a long time. Very fun.


Review – SteelSeries 7H Fnatic Edition

These are terrific headphones that have a serious design (and don't make you look like an ass who just spent too much money for a lower-case letter of the alphabet in red.) They look totally sweet, are ready to travel safely, a...